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Dr. Kiari Liman-Tinguiri

Principal Consultant

Dr. Kiari Liman-Tinguiri (kiari@iedas.ca)

President and Principal Consultant

M. Kiari LIMAN-TINGUIRI, President of IEDAS, has over 20 years’ experience in international development. He has been associated and then leading project design and implementation for 19 years working with the UNITED NATIONS posted in Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and in New York. Before joining the UNITED NATIONS, he had 10 years of academic career in France and Niger. He has been consulting for international institutions such as UN Agencies, ILO, OECD secretariate, IFAD, the World Bank. He has extensive knowledge of multi-cultural work environments and is familiar with international business relations. His education includes an undergraduate degree from the University de Liege (Belgium), a master degree and a doctoral degree in Economics, followed by a post doctoral research degree in international development from the University of Nancy 2 (France) . His good judgment, dedication, and reputation for high professional integrity are the hallmarks of IEDAS.

Dr. LIMAN-TINGUIRI has worked in various and challenging countries and situations, leading United Nations country teams and managing UNDP & UNICEF country offices. He has extensive experience of dealing with senior government officials and donors, civil society and all stakeholders of development. He has been promoting human rights and social development in sensitive context. His research work in the academia include over 10 articles and book chapters in academic and scientific reviews and journals in various economic and development topics including the econometrics of women 's participation in labor force, the informal economy and informal finance in developing countries, the social cost of structural adjustment programmes and their impact on vulnerables groups in subsahara africa, revenue generation and equity in tax policy reform in subsahara africa and growth without development in the case Equatorial Guinea.

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